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In 2 weeks i have an appointment with a private doctor i pay in private and not the insurance because they tell me i need to stay at this doctor till he finished diagnosing.

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But he doesnt diagnose because all he is doing is weight controls which i do now finally at home already too, and checks my lists. And i can be glad that he still gains weight. If someday this changes and he looses weight, he would probably call the children office. And im glad we arent poor people otherwise we could totally forget such expensive things like special milk or private doctors.

For me, this is the hell, because i do everything i can i even cook everyday sometimes different meals i really do a lot of effort because i couldnt get pregnant for 8 yrs and then all of a sudden i was olthough it wasnt part of our lifeplan anymore, and we were so happy and he is such a beautiful sweet boy and his laugh is like music in my ears there is nothing i love more than my child.

And they dont see this, they look only to their percentile and pressure us and make our day going crazy instead of having a relaxed baby time, i anyways need soon back to work for 10 hours per day and he will be in a day care with other kids which is good for his social life since we wont get a second child. I hope this gets better, maybe when he see the other kids eat, and i hope it doesnt get worse. And when he is sick it hopefully comes out by the blood test so we can do anything. It really doesnt make sense to me how he can have liquid poop just on potatoes without anything, i tried that for 1 day and really didnt give him anything else not even bread because of gluten, and fresh potatoes should be usually ok.

I plant it even myself we have around 40 fruit trees and vegetables and its all organic. I also bought from supermarket but it was the same problem. And when i go out for some minutes he wont eat he will throw it all on the floor. He only eats then when i come back in snd let him play something while i feed him, which is distraction and usually wrong but that goes without problems and if i wouldnt do that he d probably starve infront of full dishes with meals.

And i cook and bake really good and no premade food and no spices just a lil bit.

If you have any suggestions let me know, im open for everything you can reccomend or what it could be. We live in Ireland and just recently got help from a paediatric nutritionist in Australia who specialises in feeding therapies. I had read all the fussy eater books and scoured the internet but found this lady a god send, she was recommended by a local GP here. So when this article came up i thought i should mention her. If anyone was like me mealtimes consumed my every thought, caused anxiety and stress that was starting to do long term damage to my family.

My son simply stopped eating, he would cry and scream when i was serving food, i was trying to stay calm and passive but nothing was working. He literally lived on Oreos, milk and hot chips and was severely constipated.

The 3 week program that this aussie lady put us through was intense, but i could see it was working in the first few days. My son added 28 new foods to his list in the first 2 weeks, most of which are now favourites and we have a regular routine to keep us on track. She works one-on-one and is thoroughly inciteful and inspiring. And because she's in Australia her rates are cheap but we were prepared to pay anything to get my LO to eat.

Google Littlefusspot and ask for Beth. Can't recommend enough! I think this is good advice for a normal child, not a sick child as the author noted in the beginning of the article.

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  5. The challenge is to know when you are dealing with a sick child. I urge parents to trust your gut when it comes to your children and listen to why they don't want to eat. In our case our daughter was 4 when she was diagnosed with celiac disease autoimmune response to gluten. Looking back it's easy to see the pattern of her struggles, starting from 18 months with excess gas, and progressively getting worse: bellyaches at age 2, cramping and diarrhea at age 3, and finally vomiting and losing weight and a diagnosis at age 4.

    Going through these years it was a constant battle about food. She began as a wonderful eater and progressed to only wanting to eat pastas and gluten-heavy foods. While this made her feel terrible, the doctors think they probably tasted good enough for her to want to eat them, while she cut out everything else.

    Not sure what to cook?

    I wish we had known sooner as she could've felt so much better sooner. While I agree in principal with his theories, this has not been my experience with my daughter. From birth, she never liked eating. She was under the 1st percentile for weight for months because she did not consume enough calories.

    How to Encourage Your Children to Eat More Vegetables

    Now, at 11 months old, she has managed to climb into the 3rd percentile because we coax her to drink high calorie formula and eat high fat foods, but she would happily subsist on calories per day otherwise. I generally agree. Force feeding seems to put children off of foods, and when that food is the good stuff i. I end up seeing them snacking and eating junk. My nephews, unfortunately, eat so much snack food chocolate, crisps, biscuits and so on that their mother can't seem to get any regular meals in them.

    If a child is hungry it will eat. One thing I don't get is if a parent doesn't want their child to eat fries, biscuits and rubbish why did they introduce them to it in the first place?! As regards trying different veg the 10 times method really works. My brother couldn't stand avocado so my mum gave him a small piece and the same time for 10days mum use to say "medicine time" and then made a meal that evening with avocado in it, he didn't even notice it.

    Tried it loads of different times and always worked. They never leave their homes. They never see other people. They never go to parties. My daughter now 16, drove me mad as a baby and child. My elder son was no trouble - I always made home made baby food and he loved all different types of food.

    My daughter just vomited everything up and her first solid was at 9 months. For years she only ever ate a very restricted range of food. She is disgusted by most food and disgusted by food prepared out of home. Today, because I often refused to pander to her, she generally just makes her own food unless I am making her same old favourites.

    Tips for Kids

    It's not as easy as saying that parents make kids neurotic or stressed about food. I treated my kids the same - one was an easy eater, the other wasn't. And it's not the amount either - she would be really, really hungry when she was a kid, and just not want to eat. Offer older infants and toddlers a super-thin layer of creamy nut butter to lick off your finger or on whole-grain bread.

    Eventually your preschooler will be better able to handle chewing crunchy nut butters and small pieces of raw nuts—a great snack or portable protein to carry with you anywhere. Some parents worry that kids will become allergic if they eat nuts too early, but research has shown that introducing nut products early does not put your child at risk of becoming allergic. In fact, early and frequent introduction may decrease the chances of later developing an allergy, so I recommend that parents introduce this important food early on.

    The key is getting your children used to eating plain chicken at a young age. Infants need a source of iron and zinc around six months of age, and chicken is a great one.

    How to Talk to Your Children About Food in a Healthy Manner | Psychology Today

    It can be pureed with a veggie to make a nutritious baby food, or cut into tiny pieces for little fingers to self-feed. At restaurants, just order a side of grilled chicken from the adult menu and cut a small portion into tiny pieces for your child. High in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, legumes are versatile and inexpensive.

    You can play counting games with all sorts of beans, too! Both are high in fiber and contain vitamins and minerals your body needs to function normally and stay healthy. In addition to fiber, berries contain loads of vitamin C and other antioxidants important for vision and brain development, as well as nutrients that may help protect against disease later on in life.

    Offer berries plain, in a smoothie, or as dessert. Buy berries fresh in the summer season, when you can.