Guide Warum gibt es eigentlich Männer (German Edition)

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  3. Guide Warum gibt es eigentlich Männer (German Edition)
  4. Guide Warum gibt es eigentlich Männer (German Edition)
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You make films and the people say, "It will definitely be like this. The support of the patron for the women's soccer team is certain. Aber ein gewisser Druck bleibt trotzdem. But a certain pressure remains nevertheless. Ich bin mir sicher , es wird klappen. I am sure it will work out. Caption 39, Yabla-Intro: Jenny.

Es ist ein sicherer Standplatz. It is a safe location. We will certainly pass the German test. Further Learning Search for some uses of bestimmt , gewiss , and sicher sicherlich too on Yabla German to learn about the ways some of these expressions are used in context. If something is intended for someone:. What can I do for you? For money you'll do anything? Instead, she will fall into a deep sleep for many years. On the other hand, the English "for" may also be translated as aus , seit , or zu , with expressions like "for some reason" aus irgendeinem Grund , "for a long time" seit langem , and "for sale" zum Verkauf :.

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Aber aus irgendeinem Grund wollte Pandora im Haus bleiben. But for some reason Pandora wanted to stay in the house. Er ist Ungar und spielt schon seit langem mit uns zusammen. He is Hungarian and plays with us for a long time already. Captions , Deutsche Bands: Cabanossi.

It's important to remember that prepositions are not always directly translatable; just because "for" is translated as zu in one case does not mean that zu is always translated into English as "for. Imagine a typical use of the word "for" in an English sentence, then translate it into German and search Yabla German for a similar expression to see how it is translated there.

Did you get it right? Since most of us are probably pretty broke after holiday expenses, here are some money expressions in German that are good to know!

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I would have two hundred castles and would never again be broke. Jetzt sind wir bankrott , obwohl wir zehn Jahre lang [Geld] gespart haben. Now we are bankrupt , even though we've saved money for ten years. The holidays aren't getting cheaper every year, that's for sure.

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  7. At some point they always start costing money ins Geld gehen :. Should it take longer, then at some point, however, it will also start costing money. Zeit ist Geld und Geld ist gut. Time is money and money is good. Geld allein ist nicht alles.

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    Money alone isn't everything. Since after all, the holidays should remind us not to forget that love is the most important thing of all! Zeigt die Liebe allen Wesen, die da atmen. Show the love to all beings that breathe there. Do a search on Yabla German for financial expressions in English and see in what context they are used in German. For a bit of cheer, see what kind of expressions a search for die Liebe brings up. Happy New Year from all of us at Yabla! I hope it's been fun and I wish you a merry Christmas! Captions , Frohe Weihnachten: der Christbaum.

    In which case I wish you a wonderful Christmas. Caption 84, Weihnachtsinterviews: Cettina in Linkenheim. Let's not neglect the period before Christmas, which in German is the same word as in English:. Der Advent , das ist die Zeit vor Weihnachten. Advent , that is the time before Christmas. And if we're going to make it through all the Christmas shopping, we'd better have some Stollen to see us through:.

    Das ist der Christstollen. Der wird auch Weihnachtsstollen genannt. This is the Christstollen. It is also called Christmas stollen [ fruit cake ]. Captions , Weihnachtsessen: mit Eva. Wet Christmas: The Christmas tree stands nearly four meters deep under water. Caption 1, Weihnachten geht baden: Tannenbaum unter Wasser.

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    Do a search on Yabla German for typical Christmas words and get into the Christmas spirit while improving your German at the same time. Happy holidays! A single s will usually come after the letters l, m, n and r when a vowel follows the s, with words such as: der Balsam the balm , die Bremse the brake , and sparsam economical :. Das ist sehr sparsam! This is very economical! A single s will usually come before the letter p, with words such as raspeln to grate , lispeln to lisp , and die Knospe the bud :. In most cases, only a single s will come before the letter t, with words such as die Liste the list , pusten slang: to blow , and prusten to puff :.

    Dann will ich husten und will prusten und euer Haus zusammen pusten! Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down! Double s The double s is usually written only after a short vowel , with words such as das Schloss the castle , ein bisschen a little bit , and passend fitting :. Actually, there couldn't at all have been a more fitting role for her. Caption Christina Aguilera und Cher: in Deutschland. Good and they repel one another. Caption 35, Das 1. Belle became so fond of the beast that she fully forgot about his outward appearance. The German verb brauchen can be translated in a number of ways, including "to need," "to be required," "to make use of," "to take," and "to use," and has some additional idiomatic usages.

    See some of the these subtle differences in context in these Yabla videos:.

    Guide Warum gibt es eigentlich Männer (German Edition)

    We now need two millionaires. Caption 9, Deutschkurs in Blaubeuren: Der Relativsatz. Explanations are required to grasp the brutality and banality of this injustice. As for non-contact sports, I still could have made use of my helmet. Der Teig hat doch eine ganze Stunde gebraucht , um fertig zu werden.

    The batter did indeed take a whole hour to be ready. Wo werden denn heute noch Katapulte gebraucht?

    Guide Warum gibt es eigentlich Männer (German Edition)

    Where are catapults still used today? For the next ten days, you don't need to come under my eyes [idiom: I don't want to see you]. Alle naslang brauchst du das. You need that all noses long [idiom: repeatedly in short intervals]. Caption 18, Otto Waalkes: Die verflixte Rechenaufgabe.

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    Welcome to the third and last part of our series on on German cooking verbs. Take this opportunity to brush up on your cooking verbs with Yabla! To the cream I'll add the hard cheese. Captions , Cannelloni: mit Jenny.